6 11 2008

Cindy Anthony can’t stand to hear that Caylee is dead and, when she saw it online, she tracked down the author and threatened her. The victim remembered every word.

“If I only had the time to meet you face to face, I would definitely kick your ass,” the woman said Cindy told her.The threatening phone call was so disturbing that the victim filed a complaint with deputies. But when Eyewitness News confronted Cindy on Wednesday about her behavior, she denied everything.

Sunny Welker operates the website Justice For Caylee out of her home. She launched the website to provide a place for people to talk about the case as well as gather information.

“I’m here for the child, not here for anyone else. I’m here to make sure she is brought home,” Welker told Eyewitness News on Wednesday.But then last week, she received a startling phone call. Welker claims Cindy Anthony called her on the phone and started to threaten her because of the website.”She told me she was very upset and I was impeding the investigation looking for an alive Caylee. My website was getting in the way of that,” Welker said. “If I only had the time to meet you face to face, I would definitely kick your ass.”Welker filed a complaint with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. Eyewitness News talked to Cindy Anthony and she said she never threatened Welker. Anthony said she didn’t appreciate Welker making money off of Caylee and was going to have the website shut down. She believes Welker was collecting money on her website selling bumper stickers.”I explained we were not selling anything on the website. It’s there for information and to discuss the case and if they want to help and volunteer there is a link for EquuSearch,” Welker said.The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office took the complaint for informational purposes. No crime has been committed.




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