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4 responses

18 03 2010

Casey I hope that you rott in hell for what you have done to your poor little girl. The electric chair or leathel injection is way to nice. If it was up to me you would be hanging from a tree or thrown in the ocean and eaten alive by sharks. Mothers love and protect their children not kill them so they can go party. You make us sick.

24 06 2011

Right on Jennifer!

11 07 2011

casey-you are pathetic

20 07 2011

does not matter what happen,s casey seem like you win regarless how sad our nation is paying for your fame,so what is beening said and done your getting away with it all how do you live with your self so your out now and makeing a buck off of your dead child ,your making a way for yourself and little caylee had too pay the price how casey can you do the things you do.did you ever love her we wonder if you know what love is .so to get to were your at with your family helpiing you just wonder if when we look at little caylee with her greatgrandfather she look so afraid even with cindy I just wonder if you all had been hurting the child when cindy told caylee to kiss her grandpaw this child looked so afraid little did she know that would be her last.hug that was the only real love that baby had.was her great grandpaw .thankgod for him beening in the nurseing home .I feel he would be gone as well.each and everone of you anthony,s need too move to salems LOT,YOU THINK THAT,S WERE THEY BURN WITCHES.

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