Jose Baez

Jose Baez, is the attorney for the mother ( Casey Anthony is no mother, she’s a sociopath) of missing toddler Caylee Anthony. Jose has been linked to several high profile cases.

Of note:

  • Baez represented Nilton Diaz who was arrested in the death of a  famous boxer’s granddaughter, who eventually was found guilty of murder.

  • Baez represented Mayor George Gant in a trial that took place in 2007.Gant, a doctor, was forced to resign because two of his patients accused him of sexually viloated them during a GYN exam. Unfortuantly for the prosecution, their main witness refused to testify and the perverted doc was cleared of all charges.

7 responses

31 10 2008

See WFTV website for jose baez hugging casey story.

7 11 2008

I def have to check that out!!

10 12 2008

I hate Bozo can’t stand him big fat head

18 12 2008

I tend to think that with this crazy woman that casey is Would it be far fetched if her own brother was the father of little Caylee??????and that is why the Anthonys are being so mysterious.
There is a definte disfucntion on this entire family, an poor George (seems distraught) and Caylee are the ones paying the price……

15 06 2011

si ella admite que le dio cloroformo y por axidente le dio de mas, cuando descubrio que la nina estaba muerta le dio panico, y la trajo muerta por varios dias en el carro porque no sabia que hacer y empeso a mentir porque queria encontrar una solucion sin incriminarse y ocultar lo que habia a echo a cindy pero una mentira la trajo a otra hasta que esta donde esta incluso pienso que trato de enterrarla en el patio y pidio una pala pero lo vio muy pesado y desistio

1 07 2011

That fat pig Jose should have to pay everyone that has to set eyes upon his repulsive face. He is so disgusting! With a face like that, you’d think he would go out of his way to be at least somewhat likeable. Instead, he walks around with this undeserved sense of importance. Where the hell did an eyesore like that get such an ego? I am pleased that he does not care for himself. His neck is so fat it is choking him! Keep it up Jose, I can hear your arteries clogging as I write this. Lol!! Keep eatin’ pal!

17 07 2011
Tammy Harrison

God will be the judge of her on judgement day

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