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17 10 2008
Melanie Horohov

I Watched a show Last Night it was about women who kill I’m sure if you look up The Name Diane Downs
She shot 3 of her children killing one because she wanted to get back with her Married lover I read the book when it came out and seen the movie a few time’s She was another women who wanted to get rid of her kid’s so she could move on with her life WE all know about what Susan Smith Did It seem’s to be a trend when A Women Has a Child or Children and if their New Love or Life Does’t Fit in They just Kill them
I Truly Believe in my Heart That Caylee is gone And this women need’s to Pay with her life I Hope They are able to Prove it even without a body.And It Make’s me sick how her Mother is Protecting her I Have a 5yr old Granddaughter If My Daughter Was Accused of something like this you can Bet I’d get it out of her And she should Quit Playing Pussyfoot with her Maybe she need’s to Join Her Daughter in the same Cell I Really feel for The Grandfather we All wanted Hope But That Does’t really seem to be the case Has anyone done Research On women who kill their Children and how many of them are out there????

17 10 2008
Melanie Horohov

Look up The Diane Downs case
Just another women who tried to get rid of her Children To get back with a married lover he did’t want kid’s and she tried to rid these poor kid’s She only killed one and wonded the other two Very Badly
Has anyone done Research on how many women killed their children to move on with a New life Beside’s Susan Smith I still carry those little boy’s Picture’s in my wallet to this day.

17 10 2008

Hi Melanie ! Yes I remember that case and I remember that movie as well Farah Fawcett portrayed Diane Downs, that was some case indeed and Downs was another sociopath as well – I remember when she was in the hospital ( claiming to be shot buy the person that supp killed her children) they told her that her son was doing well- and her statement was “he’s still alive??” I agree with you – Cindy is and has enabled Casey all of her life I believe. This time however , Cindy cannot be her (Casey) savior or fixer- upper.

I feel the worst for George – I think that Cindy has kept him in the dark about a lot of what Casey has and had done on the past.

As far as research – I know that there is a show called “women behind bars” but it involves a plethora of cases, i have to look into that – could be interesting

20 10 2008
Melanie Horohov

I Have wacthed wemon Behind Bar’s and there was w Women on there that had twin’s she Married but he was in the Navy and she coul’d handle him being gone all the time so she divorced him got The Twin’s and One Day she wanted to go out on a date with he New Boyfriend but Ex Hubby could’t watch the Boy’s that night and instead of calling the Grandparent’s She took a gun and Shot both of them and when one started running from her she trackes him down and killed him the boyfriend found them and she was laying in bed with one boy She clame’s Her Med’s and Beer must have caused her to do it she’s in prison and Another Mother That should never be let out.Sad for The Father Because he fought to get them. I’m reading more and more stories Like this and It’s sad I’m on Med’s and My Husband was in the Navy 20 yr’s and I just lost him two year’s to Cancer he was only 41 But I would Never Dream of ever hurting My 6 Kid’s their My Very soul They are what keep’s me breathing in this hard time in my life They just do Know how good they had it Thay had Parent’s to help them.and wanted them Children I Have No one But I Could never do A thing like that who are thay kidding I say Give the children to a Family Member Or Someone who Can’t have children. Thay Make me sick with thie excuse’es ….

22 10 2009

Some of these I would have never have thought of. ,

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