Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Partying at Club when Her child Missing

Casey Anthony Partying at Club when Her child Missing

Mother Offers Insight Into Casey Anthony

Michelle Meredith.

Cindy Anthony offers some insight into her daughter — the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

Mother Cindy Anthony said her daughter, Casey, 22, went to Colonial High School, but did not graduate. She ended one half credit short of getting her diploma.Cindy Anthony said that, before Caylee was born, Casey Anthony’s passion was photography

“She just lucked into a photography job at Universal Studios, not at Universal Studios, but for Kodak, and she has a plaque. She was the employee of the year,” Cindy Anthony said.

Cindy Anthony said her daughter is very caring; the kind of person who looks out for other people.She cautions anyone who looks at Casey Anthony’s arrest video and then assumes her daughter is cold and calculating to think twice.After seeing the same video, psychologist Dr. Deborah Day said there are two things we know about Casey Anthony: she’s young — almost a child raising a child — and at times she has not told the truth.Day said she does not know if Casey Anthony knows where Caylee is, but that she knows information that would be helpful in finding her daughter.”It is something we have to think about in terms of, ‘Well, is she lying or conning to get her needs met? Is she just so impulsive that she has some kind of underlying mental health issue that leads her to impulsively lie? Or is she just a bad person? Or are we all wrong about her and she is really a grieving young mother and we all misunderstand her?” Day said.Casey Anthony has worked for a company that does promotional work for the nightclub Fusion.WESH 2 News has not heard back from Universal regarding her employment with Kodak.

Sorry Casey You don’t have my sympathy..  Your lucky your eating at all.. and dessert 3x a day , and reading and lounging all day …NICE and we the tax payers are “flipping the bill” …because you dont have cash…unless you write another check…opps ma bad LOL .You should be sleeping in this, instead of a bed

It seems even Casey’s solitude won’t get her to talk about her daughter Caylee. Besides a few lawyers, Casey hasn’t had a single visitor.

Casey is in the Female Detention Center building along John Young Parkway near I-4. She’s in a first floor cell and it’s a stark existence that she might have to get used to for a long time.Casey Anthony, high-spirited party girl, is now one of the loneliest women in Central Florida. Accused of murdering her daughter to free herself of maternal encumbrances, she now finds herself not only childless but friendless.Casey can see out through a glass wall, but everyone else can see in.

“There is no privacy in jail,” jail spokesman Allen Moore told Eyewitness News.Casey’s alone about 20 hours a day in her cell. She eats alone there. Monday it was cornflakes for breakfast, turkey hotdogs and beans for lunch, Salisbury steak and gravy and potatoes for dinner.

She does get dessert three times a day if she wants.Casey can have photographs on her shelf if she wants, but Eyewitness News was told there are no photographs, not even of Caylee.The family she’s stolen from has never put any money in her jail account, so she can’t buy things like candy and diet sodas.No one in her family has asked to visit her. She’s made no phone calls.”She reads, she sleeps,” Moore said.Casey visited her attorney six hours a day while she was out of jail on home confinement. Now she’s seen her lawyers a total of only six hours in the last week since her indictment on first-degree murder.


6 responses

12 12 2008

you should never be able to get outta jail NEVER EVER

19 12 2008
torie & heather

your so dumb why would you be parting when your daughter is missing? it seems like you really care… i hope you stay in jail FOREVER

23 02 2009

you suck

10 06 2009

Honestly, they should give her a break because she’s so hot. I mean, come on, she was probably under undue stress. She’s just so hot, we should give her another chance.

23 06 2011

Casey is soooo hot. I agree with john, we should give her another chance. I believe she is innocent because is sooo beautiful!!!!

8 07 2011

Casey, i pray you have learned from your wrong choices in life.i believe you can turn it around with a lot of hard work…no matter who says or does what.There are many people in this world have gotten away with wrongful acts…including our legal leaders and our citizens.Get yourself lots of council and stay close to good people.Take one hour at a time…you can make it….

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