Amended Bond Order 7/24

Arrest Affidavit

Attorney Motion

Bond Order

Casey Anthony Computer Report’s

Courts Papers Filed on 10/06/08

Discovery Pages 1-150

Discovery Pages 151-263

Discovery Pages 264-231

Documents Testifying Against Casey Anthony

Tony Rusciano Fired

Immunity Emails

Visitor Log

ICJIS Arrest Affidavit 9/3/08

Inmate History Report

July 17, 2008 Arrest Report

Lee Anthony July 29,2008

Casey Anthony IM Messages: May 3, 2008

June 18 Cell Phone Pings

Motions Filed Monday 10/06/08

George Anthony Statement 9/18/08

Text Messages Btw Casey and Tony

Casey’s Face Book

Amy and Casey Text Messages

Grandma Cindy My Space

Trust Fund Documents

The Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony Trust fund was set up to allow the concerned public a vehicle to contribute to finding missing 3 year old, Caylee.  Sadly, several people have had their own agenda and ulterior motives by making horrible suggestions that there have been misrepresentations or misappropriations of funds with this account, which has caused others to question the account.  Therefore, George and Cindy Anthony are voluntarily providing all of the Trust information and posting the documents online for the public to inspect.  Hopefully this will resolve any questions and will put to ease the minds of those with concerns and refocus back on finding little Caylee.

Todd Black Documents

Please Todd put a “lid on it already” We all know you made a serious “slip”. “The comments by Mr. Todd Black were taken out of context. CNN and
other media has focused, only, on one segment that was edited out of
the entire interview,” the release states.”



One response

1 12 2008

Has anybody heard whether or not there was any surveillance video from the AMSCOT?

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