20 11 2010

Ok – so you have got to be kidding me!!!

Chief justice Hon. Belvin Perry for the Casey Anthony murder trial, slated for 2011 ruled that the defense will be allowed to perform test on two DNA samples that were located on a laundry bag and shorts,from  the remains that were recovered. The tests are to be performed at a lab located in Pa.

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez, claims that the labs are not certified by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors. I will get to my point here!!!

The cost to the tax payers!!!! $2084.00……

The judge stated that and I quote, “The fee is not an exorbitant amount of money”

( no because you are not paying for it)

Anthony has been declared indigent for costs.

Re: the above, SHE is declared indigent for the cost!!!!!! And now we, the tax payers, the PEOPLE that work for a living, those fortunate enough to have a job in today’s economy are now stuck paying her bills yet again.

  1. From December 2009 to March 2010 the number of gross job gains from opening and expanding private sector establishments decreased to 6.1 million. Over this period, gross job losses from closing and contracting private sector establishments fell to a series-low of 6.4 million.

      2. The nation’s poverty rate jumped to 14.3% in 2009, its highest level since 1994, and the 43.6 million Americans in need is the highest number in 51 years of record-keeping.

That $2084 dollars may not go a long way, BUT, I am sure that, that money could be used for a more worthy cause, like food for soup kitchens etc. not for a sociopathic murderer.

CASEY get a F$#%-ing jail job in jail at least to offset the cost.




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20 11 2010

that wouldn’t be a bad Idea to give Casey a Job while sitting in Jail awaiting her Trial. It is however just a Thought since Casey hasn’t worked while she was out of Jail, I would think she isn’t about to start now, much easier for her to let the Tax Payers pay her Bills.
Like we are always reminded of Casey has a Right to the Best legal Defense whether she can afford it or not. I guess there is a Double Standard! Some People who don’t have the Financial Means aren’t as lucky as Casey Anthony to have a Dream Team like hers, figure that!

20 11 2010
People In The News

LOL i so forgot about her not having a real job!!!! and yes such a double standard !! quite honestly I am sick of it …people in this country desperately need foods , jobs etc – and we are paying for DNA testing

21 11 2010

I think the State should be able to deduct up to 75% 0f any money Casey receives in her jail account to remiburst the JAC for any cost for this case they had to shell out. I don’t understand how Casey is indegent but can use the money put in her jail account for goodies and not have to think about paying taxes on it. I realize the State is taking $1, 50(?? ) automaticly out of that account ( jail living charges) for montly living expenses.

21 11 2010

They need to make her wash dishes. Unfortunately, they can’t ‘make’ her work. Plus, her attorney’s will say that it would put her in danger because she’d have to be around other inmates. The girl will ALWAYS be able to lay on her rear, stuff her face and read.

22 11 2010

Maybe Universal will open a branch in the jail just for her !!!!

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