DUI Attorney, Jose Baez, So He Does Have Experience

17 10 2008

So who is this guy Jose Baez – I remember when I first started this blog a little over two weeks ago, I made the statement that he just basically came out of the wood work, that was my opinion.

He walks the walks, but does he talk the talk? And I wonder whether he is a first-class as he claims to be.  I do know that the man is partial to the “high profile” cases. IE: the Casey Anthony Case.

Baez’ work history is vague, only three cases were found and they of course were high profile:

  • Baez represented Nilton Diaz who was arrested in the death of a famous boxer’s granddaughter, who eventually was found guilty of murder.
  • Baez represented Mayor George Gant in a trial that took place in 2007.Gant, a doctor, was forced to resign because two of his patients accused him of sexually violated them during a GYN exam. Unfortunately for the prosecution, their main witness refused to testify and the perverted doc was cleared of all charges.
  • In 2006 Baez represented Elvira Garcia who was accused of kidnapping her roommate’s six week old daughter. accused of kidnapping her room mates 6 week old daughter. The charges however were dropped because it was more of a domestic dispute rather than a kidnap.

So from the information that I have pulled together, Mr. Baez really doesn’t have much of a curriculum vitae, in my opinion.

Baez does however have experience, looking back at his previous web page back in 2007 his practice seemed solely devoted to representing drunk and disorderly

Here is some information from his old page  complete with all the MISPELLED WORDS

Link to Old 2007 Jose Baez Page Here

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15 responses

10 12 2008

Bozo full of **** just like Casey 2 love birds behind close door in Bozo office.Everone Know this the cat out of the bag Bozo

10 12 2008

I hate them 2 .I hope somwone can put that Bozo in Jail if there is away someone plz… do it 🙂

27 01 2009
DUI Attorneys Orange County


Really i don’t have words to say about Bozo.

Thank you

2 06 2011
Myra McQueen

Too bad that Casey is being condemned even before the jury gets the evidence. HLN is ready to sacrifice this chick on the altar of publicity too. What happens if she really does have an incestual father and brother? and do you guys know because …???
What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Check out her family. I thought Casey was guilty too. But they are too hard to even look in her direction. I cannot imagine being that cold.

3 06 2011
Michele Radio

She killed because she mirrored her environment. Women are learning aggression at alarming rates due to her introvert nature. We could say this is the reason men invented chivalry. I am surprised the psyche experts are so dumb, to be aware women are introvert creatures. Just look how fast and well women learn these wonderful qualities by simply observing them.
****Anger Provoking Actions by Others****
Type of Behavior . . . . . . Males . . . Females
Physical Aggression . . . . .45 . . . . . . 55
Verbal Aggression . . . . . . 25 . . . . . . 34
Insensitivity . . . . . . . . . . . .9 . . . . . . 37
Condescension . . . . . . . . 18 . . . . . . 48
Dishonesty . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . 5
Harris 1994 In Becoming Aware by Velma Walker and Lynn Brokaw

11 06 2011
Tracy Jackson Maxson

Baez! Did he go to “Mickey Mouse” Law School????

18 06 2011

clearly he is in deep do do with the judge.. he is clearly trying to back door the prosecution .
its these kind of tactics that not only sour the jury, but piss the judge and prosecution off. his only savior may be Cheney Mason.

20 06 2011

if the duct tape on calies face and mouth was out on pryor to her decomposition why then does it not smell of decomp I am very familliar nwith that smell and I guaranty you it does stick to every thing it comes into contact with no if and or buts some body is droping the ball by not asking the simple stupid question why doesnt the tape smell …..simple little question …right

26 06 2011

I think its a little funny that no one knows how the father is of little Caylee. I find it strange how close Casey is with her attorney Maybe it wasn’t Casey brothers DNA that needed to be checked. Has anyone thought about her attorney. Maybe they met prior to Caylees death. like two years 9 months prior. Just where did he come from? Did they meet in a club or maybe a bar. look at what things she was doing and look at what he was doing prior to being an attorney. He owned a swim suit shop maybe she was a model for him who knows. She always had things. Was he a sugar daddy? It would not be the first time that a attorney had a relationship with his client is it right no but maybe he knows about another secret which is no longer a live. He didn’t want to pay child support for his prior daughter. Maybe he is a kind of man that she looks up to. What if Casey did have it hard for her attorney and it has been a big secret and she wanted him so bad yet he didn’t want any kids
maybe she felt if she got rid of Caylee he would want her then. I told my other way back when this first happened that they were going to say Caylee drowned in the pool and when we watching the opening arguments my other freak out. I have these things come to me every since I died and they had to bring me back I could see my self out of my body I get certain feelings and I don’t know what to do but I got some feelings with these two I even think the whole family knew about their relationship but didn’t say anything because they thought things where going to be different in the future for their daughter and grand child and they know he could not represent her if they are in a relationship or if he was the father of Caylee Think People !!! He could tell her he will wait for her just so she wont freak out on him Just wait and see
what happens

5 07 2011
rudy delgado

muy bien jose lo felisito por un buen trabajo. nuca perdi la fe en ti rudy

5 07 2011

i don’t know how a defense lawyer like Biaz sleeps at night knowing how guilty his clients really are. I hope he meets the same fate as Johnny Cochran, Robert Kardashian, etc.

6 07 2011

I congrajlate jose in the casey anthony acquittal caseI want his phone no.and email address

7 07 2011

NEVER, NEVER underestimate a Puerto Rican with Jewish ancestry!

8 07 2011

Not only is Casey Anthony misunderstood, but Mr Baez and his team is too.NOT TO WORRY… If Casey is responsible for her daughters death or not….our sick bias society will make sure she pays for the rest of her life. Sooo , what’s all the fuss about.iF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT BAEZ WEBSITE, not up to par, it will be now. ha..Mr BAEZ….my daughter offered to do a new webpage and keep it updated on your behalf for free…all the best to you and your team..

3 03 2012
orlando chiropractic

Very nice site. Stick with it. 🙂

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