23 10 2008

Complete strangers who feel sorry for Casey Anthony are depositing money into her jail account. On Monday, Eyewitness News reported how Casey was lonely in jail with no visitors except her attorney and no money to spend.

Just two days later, she has more than $250. Fifty dollars came from Nola Copeland of California. She’s been following Casey’s story nationally and, on the phone, she told Eyewitness News she’s a good Christian who knows what jail is like and she wanted to make sure Casey could buy the basics like deodorant.A second woman from Apopka sent Casey $100, but she didn’t return calls.Casey’s father and her bail bondsman deposited just over $100 over the last few days.The jail says inmate accounts cannot hold more than $500. If Casey’s account goes above that, the money will be returned to the donor.





2 responses

23 10 2008

I understand her parent putting a little in, but a stranger. It baffles the mind how enabling some can be toward those who do no good.

24 10 2008

I wouldn’t have done that personally – but I guess there are some people that feel sorry for her – maybe that person should be on the jury LOL

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