Casey Anthony declines placing commissary order

23 10 2008

A spokesperson from the Orange County Corrections Department said Casey Anthonydid not place a commissary order Wednesday evening, and has missed out on her chance to until next week.
aseycurrently has $251.26 in her inmate account. The money has been deposited by her father, a bail bonds group and two other persons whose relationships to Casey, if any, are unknown. She was allowed to place an order for up to $70 worth of items. It is not clear why she turned down her opportunity.

The items she can purchase include shampoo, underwear, shoes, a bible, batteries and assorted candies.
Click here to see items Casey Anthony can purchase

Casey’s defense attorney’s Jose Luis Garcia and Jose Baez both visited her at the jail Wednesday evening. They had overlapping visits and spent about one hour with her.

Her family has not scheduled any video visitations at this time.




4 responses

24 10 2008

This is very big news indeed. On television, they probably broke into a program in progress with this bombshell.

24 10 2008

Janna – LOL I know the media is going a little crazy I think = honestly do we really care LOL – if it were up to me she would get bread and water
Great comment

7 01 2009


26 01 2009

Caylee isn’t here to eat candies and draw and enjoy life, because Casey took it from her. Casey Should be eating left overs out the trash thats what she is!

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