Casey and Escort Sites

19 10 2008

I am very curious that not much has been said about the dozens of escort sites that Casey has visited on her computer. Were they real and possibly a source of potential income for her, was she researching this as a job since she didn’t have one?

Back to the “world famous bounty hunter’ NOT – I have never heard of this man until this case came to light. He’s an attention seeker who also has a jail history himself-served a year for tax evasion, seems like he’s looking for funds with this case to pay his future taxes, that’s it if he is making any  money on this case at all .

Leonard Padilla I believe felt sorry for Casey in the beginning being that he is a grandfather; he really wanted to help her and the proof is that he posted the 500,000. Stupid is as stupid does.

Casey should have been very grateful, but unfortunately Padilla got a rude awakening, when Casey became obnoxious and belligerent and wouldn’t talk about anything at all. When Padilla was at the Anthony home, she (Casey) went on about her business going surfing the internet, probably searching for that escort job.

When he did eventually speak with her in regards to the “Zany” issue, Padilla didn’t want to “go there” she screamed at him to get out of her house. Zany??

Alprazolam. More commonly known as Xanax. A short acting benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety.

When Padilla finally saw all the documentation that eventually came out that was a huge wake up call for him

Regarding Cindy Anthony- what can we do to shut her up; keep her quiet? Cindy you are only making it worse for yourself.

Which leads me to yet another question; has anyone ever looked into where Casey obtained her drugs and have the authorities investigated that? I am assuming that in light of all the other charges, maybe this is not important at the present time; but my feeling is they (the authorities) may find some answers to Caylee’s disappearance there.




3 responses

20 10 2008

I have heard about Leonard Padilla for years, I just don’t recall from where initially. I think his name is more common in the West.

20 10 2008

I havent at all – did you check out the makeover on his new website – this gusy to much

20 10 2008

No I haven’t yet.

At they have a story about a day in the life of Casey. One part in the story says:
“Casey Anthony, high-spirited party girl, is now one of the loneliest women in Central Florida. Accused of murdering her daughter to free herself of maternal encumbrances, she now finds herself not only childless but friendless.”

The poor thing.

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