18 10 2008

The TES has acknowledged that they will go on with the search for Caylee Anthony on November 8th, 2008. Tim Miller – who said on Nancy Grace a few days ago that this will be the largest search in history- honestly Tim who gives a “rats A$$” how big the search is, JUST FIND HER! That’s all we want you to do.

Also, Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter is apparently looking for help and wants all bounty hunters from the US who may be coming to Orlando to help with the search for Caylee.

I think this Padilla character want a show like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” your opinions PLEASE

More on Padilla…..
I know that this is old news however it’s new to me – Did you know that Leonard Padilla was running for mayor or Sacramento – it seems that he enjoys the limelight just like his buddy Jose Baez. The welcome section of his web site states the following

“The residents of Sacramento must know that the city is working for them and not the other way around”” The Mayor of Sacramento must have real power and ability and not just be one of nine votes. No city tax money will be spent on a new arena or for subsidizing Thomas Enterprises in the rail yards. Financial assistance programs have to be instituted in order to have young teachers, police officers and firefighters take up residence within the city limits of
Sacramento. There is no better way of keeping gang members and drug dealers from moving into your neighborhood than to have teachers, police officers and firefighters living in them.”

-Leonard Padilla

He lost miserably

1992: Candidate for Mayor of Sacramento (Lost; 3.4%)
2000: Candidate for Mayor of
Sacramento (Lost; 11.68%)
2004: Candidate for Mayor of
Sacramento (Lost; 7.78%)
2006: Candidate for
Sacramento County Supervisor (Lost; 8.11%)
2008: Candidate for Mayor of
Sacramento (Lost; 5.83%)

This is Padilla’s web site and has several pages that you can browse through. One of them is his Bio page; however, that page leaves much to be desired, it practically bare with no information. Except this.

Leonard’s Bio

United States Air Force 1957-1963

Law Degree-Lincoln Law School 1980

President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Lorenzo
Patino School of Law 1982-Present

Bounty Hunter 1975 to Present

This is other information that I have found on the Internet but this is not in his Bio, I wonder why.

J. Leonard Padilla
Born: 1939
Child: Julie Padilla, Alex Padilla (not the Senator Alex Padilla)
1982-Present: President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Lorenzo Patino School of Law

Also there is a section called Skeletons, where he answers questions regarding the “skeletons” in his closet, which include 2 misdemeanors for nonpayment and non filing of taxes. Padilla you cant escape the IRS!!! And he did a YEAR in the FEDERAL Pen!

Leonard Padilla denies that he shot Kevin Johnson’s cousin during
an armed robbery attempt at Padilla’s establishment in 1975.
April 26, 2008

“…it was my security guard who shot Johnson’s cousin…he was armed and
attempting to rob my establishment…”

Padilla addresses his IRS “time away from home”.
April 28, 2008

“I plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors for non-filing and non-payment of taxes,
definitely not tax evasion. I paid approximately $600,000.00 in taxes due
and I did 1 year in a federal detention center from February 1992 to
February 1993.”

“Even though the federal probation recommended 5 months home
detention, the IRS investigator (girlfriend of the federal prosecutor)
insisted on me doing 1 year in prison and I went along with her. So I said
‘let’s do it’.”

On the bottom of the page it says more to follow…but he failed to expound on any further details

His OTHER Web Site

And his flyer




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