Its All About the Science!!!

17 10 2008

The judge ordered that they will go forward with the forensic testing. Science will tell us if she (Caylee) is alive or dead, this is a case about pure science. The air samples collected from the Casey Anthony car are going to be key for the prosecution. In regard to the chloroform, Casey has done searches online with word chloroform, which can be from what I heard be purchased on the internet. That’s just crazy!! and it shouldnt be permitted at all!!

Sadly Equusearch, pulls out of Orlando, because of the lack of cooperation from the Anthony family. Police are just following up on tips that they receive daily about Caylee and they are not doing an active search.

There is still quite a lot of discussion surrounding the slip up by the spokesperson for the Jose Baez defense team that was made during an interview with Eyewitness News on Wednesday.

Now is the time for complete and absolute silence on BOTH sides. The attorneys need to “button up their collective lips” there is a question as to whether this slip may come into evidence, but it may not.

Jose Baez eventually may have to come off the case because of his lack of experience. In the state of Florida, it is the law that you are required to have at least five years of trial experience, to try a capital case. Baez has only tried approximately three high profile cases. There is a law; and for good reason we are talking about someone’s life, even though it is Casey Anthony – she deserves a fair trial, in my opinion.

There has still been no official file made for a change of venue.

The Defense team states that there is an attorney that will be brought in but he wants to remain “a secret” at this point, maybe because of potential threats, who knows. ( that’s my two cents) Its unusual that a lawyer does not want his name disclosed especially in this very high profile case.

Casey remains in protective custody tonight and has not had any family visits – the only visit was from her attorney José Baez.




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