Does the Nation Feel Sorry for George Anthony?

17 10 2008

George Anthony spoke exclusively with News 13 on Thursday, pertaining to the family efforts to locate Caylee, their 3 year old granddaughter. The Anthony’s have hired a private investigator who will be examining several of the Caylee sightings in many sections of the country including Puerto Rico. George has personally been to some of the locations already, but has not mentioned which ones.

What come across as peculiar; is the Anthony family has been under a microscope over the last four months. They have been under surveillance, photographed, videotaped and investigated. I would presume that if George Anthony or in fact any of his family members made a move ANYWHERE, it would be front page news. So it makes me question if in fact he went at all. His personal investigative excursions surely would have been Front Page News!!!

Anthony said his family has been cleared by a judge to access all 5,000 tips recorded by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office tip line. They are deeply disturbed by the fact they discontinued the tip line in mid-august. .

“We’ve been getting info out about Puerto Rico, because we believe that’s where she is, but the info I’ve gotten over the last three months is that my granddaughter has been to nine different locations,” Anthony said

Anthony is also working on finding a new location for the Kid Finder’s Network command center. Unfortunately complaints by protesters forced the billboard off of four separate locations. George also went on to say that he cries each and every day and also admitted that a few weeks ago; he was going to take his own life. He admits that he is alive now because of Caylee, his granddaughter. He made a open statement saying that if anyone could help him find a new location, perhaps a short term lease, to let him know.

George Anthony made the certainly headlines more so when he testified at his own daughters grand jury hearing – now everyone I am sure around the country is now showing some compassion as well as empathy, at least to George- I question if this was a careful and deliberate move by their attorneys – to have the whole nation back on their side in a more positive way.




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18 10 2008

In the beginnign I felt for George and Cindy Anthony. I don’t as much now. They both have overprotected Casey in my opinion.
George is supposedly an ex-policeman, he may have helped protect Casey somehow. Also, Cindy and George have went ballistic towards the media.
Well, if there daughter wasn’t such a lying, promiscuous, party animal who is suspected of doing something to her preciouse little girl then they wouldn’t have to be dealing with this stuff in the first place!
Also, I do not agree with the protestors interupting the neighbors near the Anthony’s house. I feel for the neighbors. I feel for Caylee, IF she is still alive.

18 10 2008
Jill from Western Australia

Have empathy for GEORGE


CASEY is guilty…end of story!!!!

19 10 2008

AMEN George is in the dark Im afraid.

18 12 2008
sheryl monaco

NO ! But Yes ,See children are a product of there inviorment that they are raised in ! They must have lied they must have gotten away with doing thing’s that are wrong and in a inviorment where you can get away with alot knowing the law and being in a law inforcement agency for years.That also goes with cindy to.They have discraced there fellow men and women of all law inforcement ageny’s this is a discrace of how they handled this ! I in no way am saying ITS there fault BUT I bet if they look back they could see the sign’s!!! AND at some point they have to take some of the responsibility for there daughter’s action’s .What stopped casey from taken her to foster care or some adoption agency is,or her mom is that she didn’t want them to have her it was deliberate act of defiance to never let them see her again she is clearly what she said she is !And No I don’t they are the ones who raised the monster

18 12 2008
sheryl monaco

see he will prosicute and charge a gas can stealer BUT not a murderer .It leaves me to wonder why george ever left ohio? And he isn’t even thinking that the neck breaking could be for him and cindy ? And then the child gone and she would live in there house ever after !!! SHE WAS SAYING SHE WAS GETTING THERE HOUSE !

14 04 2009

At first I felt sorry for the Anthony’s. I am a grandmother and I cannot imagine life without any of my grandchildren but I certainly would have not taken Casey’s word about the nanny. especially since she did not have a job to pay the nanny. Can you imagine your two year old grandwhild being away from the family for a whole month and not seeing or hearing from her. I think George and Cindy have known for sometime that Caylee was already dead and probably suspected Casey of killing her. All those stupid stories they told to try and cover up their original statements was unbelieveable. They are now playing this for all it is worth in the media and get that 15 minutes of fame. Cindy is a manipulator and all she has to do is pull the string and George dances. I just watched them on the depositions they are giving and I wanted to slap them both and knock some sense into them. They are making fools of themselves everytime they open their mouth. I, along with thousands of Americans who have followed this case from inception fell in love with that beautiful little girl and I will say this without hesitation…If it were one of my daughters who I believed in my heart did something to one of my grandbabies, there is no way I would lie and try to cover for them. I wouldn’t deliberately throw them under the bus but would never lie for them which is what George, Cindy and Lee are currently doing. Sorry this is so long, I could go on and on but my days of feeling sorry for George and Cindy are over because of the way they are behaving. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…point taken.

14 04 2009

I forgot to mention, I do not think George really tried to kill himself. This I believe was to keep him from having to testify. Did you notice how rapidly he recovered and was out looking (one day by the way) for little Haleigh Cummings. This was for show and for sympathy.

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