Todd Black – ” It was Taken out of Context!!”

16 10 2008

During a live interview, Todd Black, the spokes person for the defense ( the one that I wrote about before that leaked information on Eyewitness News) discussed the 1st degree murder charges against Casey Anthony

This case is about the loss of a girls life and a mothers fate he said “It’s very difficult,””This is a serious case involving not just the loss of the life of this little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony. Unfortunately what they distributed was completely taken out of context. Todd Black never was stating that there is any belief whatsoever by Casey Anthony or The Baez Law Firm, that Ms. Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, might be deceased,” the statement read.

Really that not how I am reading this???

I would like to see the transcripts on this

Mr. Black comments were in reference to another guests comment the guest was the person that made remarks about “death” ( Really well I wouldlike to see the transcripts) Her arraignment will be held in approximately three weeks — on or around Nov. 7 — though no specific date was given by Judge John Jordan. Anthony was indicted Tuesday afternoon on seven counts by a 19-member Florida grand jury.`

I also am getting conflicting dates as well – I read somewhere else that the araignment is Novemeber 17th…..

heres the video




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