Casey Anthony’s Defense Team SLIPS UP On National TV!!!

16 10 2008

In Orlando Eyewitness News happened to be the only news station to apparently catch a major slip up by the Defense Team on NATIONAL TELEVISION! The spokesperson for Casey;s attorney admitted on TV that “Casey Anthony is dead” ( We in our heart of heart know this but to actually hear it from the defense team I think is a legal faux pas)
The spokesperson, made an appearance on CNN Wednesday night ( I missed this one) and was grilled about the case.
Todd Black the spokesperson for Casey’s attorney Jose Baez made an appearance on CNN Wednesday night and was grilled about the case.  The question that was posed to Mr. Black was, When he was asked , Why Casey was captured in several pictures partying while her daughter was missing. This is what he said…….
Todd Black paused for a second and became flustered after he said, “This is a serious case involving not just the loss of a little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen to Casey Anthony.”In late august, Eyewitness News was the first station to uncover new DNA evidence that showed the toddler was no longer alive.Her mother Casey Anthony, is now charged with her murder and she’s sitting in jail with no bond.

Also – there has been some gossip about Casey representing herself. When Jose Baez was asked by the judge whether or not he would file a “notice of appearance” ; which in layman’s terms means; will he represent Casey  he said he would.

George Anthony spoke with Eyewitness News and made this statement, “No, she’s gonna assist her attorney and or attorneys, or people that are there to help her in any way she can and she’s done that.”

He went on to say that Casey she would not represent herself.

Her trial is still scheduled for November 17. No one has asked for any delay.

So Casey is sitting in in her small 8×10 cell;there she will stay until her trial, on November 17th;  her family is allowed to visit her but limited to 3 video visitations per week.She cannot request a visit, a member of her family has to do so; she will have the option to accept or turn them away.

This is one of Orlando’s highest profile cases and the trial may not be held in Central Florida because of the media frenzy surrounding this case. Scheaffer, a former prosecuter said “I believe it’ll be a rural community, not Orlando or Jacksonville or Miami, probably somewhere more toward the panhandle.”

Good Luck with that!!! Unless you have been living under a rock – how could you not know about this case??



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16 10 2008
Lazar Bel

That’s nothing. “Loss” doesn’t mean dead. Get real.

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