Can they Convict Without a Body ???????

16 10 2008

The prosecutors have DNA and hair samples as well as testimony in regards to the “smell of death” in Casey Anthony’s car. However what they do not have is a “body.”

The State is building its case on forensic evidence and attempt to convince a jury of 12 of her peers, that Casey Anthony lacks both credibility and above all “had a motive.”

Cutting-edge forensic tests, which include but not limited to air testing which apparently tests for compounds that are released when a body decomposes. Prosecutors says that it is very possible to convict Casey Anthony without the presence of a body. Circumstantial evidence is sometimes more powerful than a body itself!

Prosecutors have not been specific about how the evidence led to charges against Anthony, but experts say it is possible to get a conviction without a body.The FBI and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory performed the tests in this explosive case.

Forensic evidence is very popular as well as being credible with jurors- especially with the outpouring of many TV shows including CSI and the like.

In the air tests used on Anthony’s trunk, air is run into a carbon compound filter, such as activated charcoal, which collects the evidence, said Arpad Vass, a research scientist at Oak Ridge. Air is then reversed through the filter, releasing the compounds.

In this case, they were looking for compounds released when a body decomposes.

“We essentially turn into the dust from which we come,” Vass said. “We return to the compounds which break down and blow off into the air.”

Along with the first degree murder charges Casey Anthony is charged ; aggravated abuse of a child, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators.

In addition, this case may have started off on a bad note, inadvertently, during the proceedings, a microphone was left open and was broadcasting a feed to TV trucks outside the courthouse.  Court Judge Belvin Perry warned that if this information was to be relayed, they would be charged with contempt of court. Some experts say that the defense attorneys could use the audio leak to contest the indictment.

Sure yet another obstacle that would be !!




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16 10 2008

The defense would have a pretty lame case to claim that the inadvertent audio leak compromises the case against Caylee Anthony. I’m sure nothing was said that we haven’t heard already. The absence of Caylee’s body notwithstanding, motive and opportunity have been clearly demonstrated courtesy of Ms. Anthony. In one instance, she babbled on and on about her cell phone’s “SIM card” but not a word about her daughter’s whereabouts. And after the many fabrications she offered to detectives and even her family, what jury is going to give her the benefit of the doubt? She’s going to get hoisted on her own petard.

16 10 2008

This is true – but Im guessing that in an effort to try to assist in her defense – they would try to finagle some kind of loophole
II totally agree with all that you have say

and I hope “She’s going to get hoisted on her own petard.”

16 10 2008

This cold, manipulative person is not a “mother”. A mother would NEVER let a small childs whereabouts be unknown for this amount of time—
Casey Anthony has done nothing but drag this out—
I feel for Casey’s parents–they have blinders on. I hope Casey Anthony gets exactly what she deserves-

16 10 2008

I agree Anita – I feel more sorry for George Anthony – Cindy seem to have something to hide- I jsut dont understand why should would let 31 days go by w/o seeing her granddaughter

16 10 2008

I believe that Caylee’s death was probably an accident, but that Casey covered it up because she didn’t want to loose her parents and brother, and she was thinking of herself again, and wanted to take her chances and have a last good time being free. You have to remember too – it appeared that she didn’t want to be a Mom. She wanted to give up Caylee for adoption.

16 10 2008

George and Cindy and Lee, I bet know exactly where the body is. Casey told them and to keep here out of jail, they keep up this pretext of looking foe Caylee. Cindy say she know her daughter. Well then she knows she is a liar and what parent would let her granddaughter go to ababy sitter and not have the sitters phone number, or address. And knowing Casey is a liar, she should have called Universal
and asked for her. What a surprise taht would be

16 10 2008

I Agree hopeful – but I still believe that Cindy knows more then she claims to – I am not to sure about George though- I don’t think he knows to much – I question one thing – why didn’t Cindy take the stand at the grand jury – she was the one that starting the ball rolling in July

16 10 2008

So true Kim – she didn’t want to be a Mom at all- by the sheer fact she was considering adoption for Caylee-

I remember way back when I was 22 – always wanting to go out and party etc etc, we are all entitled to have fun – but not at the expense of out children- I had my first when I was 25 – my late nites out and dancing and drinking – basically ended – by my choice- I was working FT Going to school FT and raising a child –

If my Mom and Dad couldn’t babysit – I wasnt going out – simple as that – I didn’t trust anyone with my babies except them ( and my inlaws)

Yes She is selfish and only thinks of herself

16 10 2008
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