Addendum to “The Dress Story”

14 10 2008

The information that I posted last night, I forget to mention that I saw this breaking news on Nancy Grace and she made a HUGE commotion as she always does, about this dress.

During the show, she interviewed Tim Miller, who had said that information was leaked to the media. Expert crime writer David Lohr, provided in his blog more information about this.

This past Saturday he (Lohr) received an email from an individual in Florida ( who is part of an independent search group) who found a child’s dress in an area that was not to far from the airport. This dress as per this person was identical to the dress found in Photo#3 here

After David Lohr received this email, he contacted Tim Miller. Miller was upset because this leak is a violation of search and rescue protocol. Miller said that he did not think that the dress was Caylee’s and that it was too big and chose not to make this information public. He also went on to say that it is suspicious in regards to how the dress ended up there in the first place.




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