On “Today,” Casey Anthony’s former fiance tells her: “Tell the truth. This isn’t about you anymore”

5 10 2008

In a revealing interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today,” Casey Anthony’s former fiance begged her Thursday morning to reveal what she knows about missing daughter Caylee.

“Casey, tell the truth. This isn’t about you anymore,” Jesse Grund said. “This is about Caylee. Stop dragging people’s lives through this, stop destroying people’s lives and tell the truth. What happened to Caylee? Because we’re all done with it. We’re all done with having to listen to your lies and your stories that make no sense over and over and over again. So tell the truth about what happened.”

Grund summed up the frustrations so many people feel with Casey Anthony. Lauer conducted a good interview that provided several memorable moments in this perplexing, drawn-out story.

Perhaps Grund’s words are the ones that will make a difference.

Grund explained why he was attracted to Casey Anthony. He found her to be smart, sarcastic and fun to be around. But she started to lie toward the end of their relationship and stole $250 from him.

He described Casey as a devoted and doting mother to Caylee. But at end of their relationship, Grund said Casey pulled away, turned selfish, started partying and became closer to her mother, Cindy Anthony.

Lauer asked if Casey Anthony could have hurt her child.

“Who knows the real Casey?” Grund said. “I think only she does. I think her personality has been so changed and molded over the years, I don’t even know if she knows who she is.”

“Today” preceded the interview with a report by Kerry Sanders in Orlando. He noted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is now calling Casey Anthony a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance. Sanders said that change came in an interview with reporter Bob Kealing of WESH-Channel 2.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, countered that there’s little difference between being called “person of interest” and “suspect.”





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